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R.J. Minnick
R.J. Minnick

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I was born in the Capital District region of New York State. The youngest of five girls, I spent my childhood in a centralized school district on a farm that raised chickens and Christmas trees. I was around ten years old when I wrote my first long piece of fiction, eleven pages of cramped handwriting, single-spaced on notebook pages.

I went to the State University of New York at Oswego in the days Al Roker was a student there. I majored in sociology, a subject useful to me in my many workplaces. It seems I spent a lifetime working at various jobs (even selling Fuller Brush!) and another lifetime raising six terrific offspring with my husband.

During both those lifetimes I kept writing - poetry, reviews, short stories, nonfiction, mysteries, mainstream novels, and Christmas epics. I have credentials in national and local magazines and community news publications. While we lived in Nashville, Tennessee I became involved in the local schools, coaching writing via workshops and sponsoring a school newspaper. In 2015 I received a North Carolina Regional Arts Project Grant to conduct research on a mainstream novel I'm working on.

If asked how long I've been writing, I'm likely to close my eyes to calculate, then give up and say, "Since I was 11." Even at that age, I knew I wanted to write forever. I just wasn't sure it would be a career. Well, it hasn't been my sole career, but somewhere along the way, it became definite. I was a writer in search of readers.

Writing for one's own pleasure isn't the same as writing for other people's entertainment. The two have elements in common, and transition isn't all that hard. It's the change in attitude that's the toughest. Learning to meet restrictions and demands an audience places on a writer is tricky for a writer who's only had to please herself. But it's a transition I've made, and nothing is more delightful than hearing someone say they've enjoyed or been moved or informed by something I've written.

With our children grown, my husband and I now live in Fayetteville, North Carolina with two dogs, five cats and - from time to time - a child or two.

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